Weekly Report 8 Gsoc @ Moodle

week 8(20 july- 28 july )

Task 1 :- Search into compressed archives –  unfortunately Solr doesn’t search into compressed file contents only index the file names. But its important for the courses attachments to search into compressed archives like zip, rar, gz, tar.gz etc.

After a long search and discussion over #solr  I came to know about a jira issue. that was reported by jayendra. I want to thanks him. this jira issue along with patch made the things work.

Link to issue :- SOLR-2416

following are the complete steps to make it work :-

1. By using the latest solr trunk apply the following patch found in the jira issue.

2. Now rebuild  the solr.

3.  Replace the solr-cell jar with your one.

and its all now you can search into archives content too.

Task 2 :- Checking the code with Code checker – Everything excluding the solr-php-client library must follow the moodle coding style hence I ran code checker & removed all warning & errors. (https://moodle.org/plugins/view.php?plugin=local_codechecker)

Task 3 :- Testing everything works fine & submitting the source.

Task 4 :-  last and most important submitting the mid term evaluation.

What’s Next week :-

1. Perform the checks on plugin, cleantheme.

  •  Admin tool installed or not ?
  • Solr instance is running or not and properly configured ?

2. Studying the moodle event API.

3. Triggering the events to re-index particular course if :-

  • It is updated
  • Deleted (remove from index)
  • Or any new course is added.

4. Clean the code and push to github.


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