Weekly Report 3 Gsoc @ Moodle

Coding Period Starts !

Week 3(17 june – 24 june)

Task 1:- Creating the admin tool with the basic Solr configuration options.

Admin tool for Advance course search

Admin tool for Advance course search

Step 1 :- Creating the moodle form:- The basic moodle form with the configuration option to solr. Events like indexing, optimizing and deletion of  indexes.

Step 2 :-  List of files & description:-

  •  Setting.php :- controls who can access the advance course search & where the plugin can be found.
  • coursesearch_setting_form.php :- how the form looks like.
  • version.php :- plugin version & requirement moodle release.
  • lang/en/tool_coursesearch.php :- contains the lang Strings.
  • index.php :- retrieve the form data & perform appropriate actions.
  • /lib :- library functions that handles basic solr tasks like indexing, optimizing etc.
  • /pix :-  images directory

Installing the plugin:-

Step 1:- Refresh the moodle site it will automatically trigger the plugin installation. if not then go to administration–>notification.

Step 2:- Install the plugin.

Step 3:- the plugin basic configuration can be found in administration–>courses–>Advance Course Search.

Step 4:- Done !

Where Is the Source:- 

You can find the source here :- https://github.com/shashirepo/moodle-tool_coursesearch

So what’s done this week ?

1. Created the admin tool.

2. Designed the Schema.xml to serve to Solr.

So what’s Next week:-

1. Write local library function for the solr to perform the operations like indexing, optimizing, deletion of existing indexes.

2.  Debug the Code ! Perform optimization.


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