Weekly Report 2 Gsoc @ Moodle

Community Bonding Period

Week 2(7 june-14 june)

Task 1:-

Creating the Theme(Minor config Changes with Clean theme):- Its the first step. later we will be overriding the core_course_renderer($config->root.’/course/renderer.php’).

Steps & Result

Step 1:– Create the copy of the folder clean found in root/theme/clean Frankenstyle naming convention should be followed.

Step 2:-  Rename the folder with the theme name you want example cleantheme.

Step 3:- all the instance of ‘clean’ will now need to replaced with the ‘cleantheme'(name of the theme).

So finally the following files need to be changed.





/lang/en/theme_nameofyourtheme.php(Instance & file name to0 needs to be changed)

So here  are done with first step.

Result :-  https://github.com/shashirepo/moodle-search_cleantheme

Task 2:-

Overriding the core_course_renderer.php & Check with some hard coded input.

Step 1 :- Create & file named renderer.php in  your theme root folder.

Step 2:- now we need to override the existing renderer located at $config-root./course/renderer.php.

Code snippets

class theme_cleantheme_core_course_renderer extends core_course_renderer

// override the function definitions here


step 3:- add some dummy strings while overriding the method to ensure it works fine.

step 4:- ON the Debugging  by going Site Administrator–>Developer–>Debugging. to ensure you are doing in right way.

Result :-   https://github.com/shashirepo/moodle-search_cleantheme

Fine ! we done with the Task 1.

Next tasks  of this week(Probably i will be editing this post to add those to performed):-

1. Create a admin plugin(With a Button to trigger the cron to perform manual indexing)

2. Design the Schema xml to serve to Solr. Excited to start with Solr 😉

Hmm looking Cool 🙂


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