Weekly Report 1 moodle@Gsoc

A list of task performed during community bonding period:-

(Week 1  29 may- 6 june)

1. Learning the underlying moodle API:- my first & foremost strep. Because moodle is designed is very beautifully. keeping in mind the features of oops.  I found following documentations link really self explaining about how moodle works behind the scenes[1].

2. Learning how the Apache Solr do the magic:-  My first mail to Marina was really funny :P(Actually I was not aware of databases problems with effective searches). after the couple of sleepless nights and studying about one of the powerful open source API Apache Solr opened the doors for me. Apache is not only a powerful indexing engine. Behind that its do all the things that we need in project out of the box. according to my discussion with some local lug seniors “Integration of Apache Solr with drupal search module” is already done by drupal folks. so I cloned the whole project started looking over the source code.

3. Gsoc orientation meeting:- Its a nice way to see people around you rather than texting them. UTC 9:00 my first Gsoc orientation  meetup. That was nice to meet with  Michael de Raadt,  Tim Hunt,  Marina Glancy,  James Salsman,  Jean-Michel Vedrine,  Dan MarsdenTomasz Muras,  Aparup Banerjee,  Frédéric Massart and all.

Specially I thanks  Michael de Raadt for his awesome session. 🙂

4.  Set up the development and testing environment:- I usually write my PHP code in Aptana. but I found in moodle docs for developer tools PDT plugin for eclipse. Installed & found its really Cool 😉 Installed Apache Solr & moodle 2.6 dev.


Next week tasks:-

1. Studying the moodle database to began preparing the moodle Schema.xml.

2. Studying the Clean theme that need to be overridden further to perform manual indexing.

3. Looking over the search existing search functions & how they works(adding the manual dummy text)

4. Creating the “admin tool” plugin that will have complete search logic.

5. review the tasks by  discussion  with mentors.


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