Gsoc Intern with moodle :) one of great moment for me :) :)

Hi all,

One of the great day of my life. I am writing after very long time.  It was 12:25 I was refreshing the page again & again. finally result came. As expected I was Selected.

Credit goes to my Papa, ma  & my mentor Marina glancy 🙂 & most importantly the genius one Paras Kuhad. He inspired me every seconds. I want to thanks him again.

lots of other seniors that made by day Srishti boss, Vikas boss, Nitesh boss & all my juniors.

I am writing this to encourage my juniors to keep enlightening the success of  ECB’s Gsoc Previous years selections.

I am writing here by some tips & way to ensure you get in to GSOC.

1. Be good with the technical skills. at least select one the programming language.

2.  Bugs & patches one more important part. Start submitting the bugs from very early. it will make your presence  effective in organization.

3. start from 2 months before select your organizations to work with. you can get reference from melange. although i was started 20 days before. but I was used to work 20 hrs a day.

4.  Communication ! ! ! one of the most important thing for the GSOC. its more important than your coding skills. learn to write speak with your mentor regularly. take care of punctuations and spells.

5. Closely look over your opponent.  study his ideas. and try to put more better ideas of your.

6. Make the plans 🙂 you will automatically learn to code 🙂 #

7. at last don’t stop until the last minute. keep studying your proposal. reiterate it repeatedly.


Thats all 🙂 Gud luck 🙂 feel free to contact me if you need help in any way 🙂