Foss’11 A 4 days technical fest by lugb :)

Spreading lights of freedom    


FOSS  is an inclusive term that covers both free software and open source software ,which describe similar developmental model having different philosophies.  The term open-source describes software whose source code is made available, most often subject to certain conditions, for use or modification by users or other developers.


 With the help of this event we are going to aware the world


about the free and open source software (Foss) and benefits of using free softwares and

challenges of using free software.



Workshops Details



Drupal is open source Content Management System to built websites. It can be used to build an Internet Portal,a personal departmental or corporate web site,a e-commerce websites. Drupal’s design goals include both being able to run well on inexpensive web hosting  accounts and being able to scale up to massive distributed sites.

Topic to be Covered-

Introduction of Drupal

Site building with Drupal

Administering Drupal

Managing Modules and Themes-

Many More…

Duration: 5 Hrs

BY Shashikant vaishnav n manuhar alam



Python is an easy to learn , powerful programming language. It has efficient high level data structures and a simple but efficient approach to object oriented programming.


Topics to be Covered-


What is Python-                                 By MANISH SHANDLIYA

Syntax ,Expression ,Variables-                       Owner of

First Program in Python                                   &

Classes And Objects-                                 Mindsoft webdevelopment

Many more…


Duration: 5 Hrs.

                                 Linux & linux security

Topics to be Covered-

Basics of Linux

How to enhance security in Linux-

Doing that on Linux-

And many more….


Duration: 5 Hrs.




 Open Disscusion

Learn | Share | enjoy working on this tag line i shared something interesting like cracking window,modifing source n lot of experimen

Topics to be Covered-


Linux magics –                              By Shashikant vaishnav

why open source-

Cracking windows-

Google magics-


Duration: 5 Hrs.





Qt is library for creating GUI program.


Duration: 5 Hrs.                       By KAILASH DEORA(RHCE)

        Some Moments 🙂

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