Plugins and codecs in Fedora 15

Plugins and codecs in Fedora 15

MP3 Player and Audio

NOTE : To install multiple packages then you should have the repository RPM Fusion enabled.

        • Installing the Free and nonfree repositories

We have two separate software repositories:

free – to distribute open source software (as defined by the Fedora Licensing Guidelines), but Fedora does not send for other reasons.

nonfree – for the distribution of software that is not open source (as defined by the Fedora Licensing Guidelines), which includes software with source code available publicly that “has no commercial purposes.”

$ su -c 'yum localinstall - nogpgcheck
fedora / rpmfusion -nonfree-release-rawhide.noarch.rpm ' "Copy the three lines together"

The first time you try to play an mp3 file in Totem Movie Player, it will ask you to look for the MP3 decoder. While you have enabled the RPM Fusion repository as mentioned earlier, will find it and install it automatically. Just like that! Learn how to do this and much more! continue reading below.

        • To add support for mp3 audio type in terminal:

$ sudo yum -y install k3b-extras-freeworld
        • Rhythmbox

Rhythmbox is already an mp3 player better than Totem, and is the default player in Fedora 15 . You can find it in Applications -> Sound & Video -> Rhythmbox Music Player.

        • Audacity

Audacity lets you record sounds directly or import files in various formats. He has some simple effects, all necessary editing features.

$ sudo yum -y install audacity

DVD and Video players

NOTE : To install multiple packages then you should have the RPM Fusion repository enabled, as described here. If you have most likely you will be prompted to automatically search for the necessary codecs. They will be installed automatically. Simple as that!

        • Playing DVDs

In order to play DVDs you must install the appropriate codecs.

$ sudo yum -y install libdvdread libdvdnav lsdvd

These files are enough to touch your unencrypted DVDs. However, if you want to decrypt an encrypted DVD you will need library libdvdcss , which is not included in RPM Fusion because of legal issues in some countries like the U.S.. As mentioned in RPM Fusion.

Views among members of RPM Ffusion differ on the legality of libdvdcss, however, no one is ready to testify to resume the legal responsibilities.

So libdvdcss is being abandoned. See also comments on legal issues on the link above. So we have to wait and see what solution they provide.

NOTE : Livna could be a temporary solution.

$ sudo rpm -Uvh http: / / / livna-release.rpm $ sudo yum-y install libdvdcss
        • Play Videos

When you try to open a video file with Totem Media Player it will ask you to seek the necessary codecs. They will be installed automatically! If you have mp3 set additional packages that were installed as dependencies. These packages include video codecs like ffmpeg xvidcore and others.

To check if you have some of them:

$ Sudo yum -y install gstreamer gstreamer-plugins-good gstreamer-plugins-bad
gstreamer-plugins-ugly ffmpeg ffmpeg-libs ibmatroska xvidcore
  • Totem

In Fedora 15 Totem Movie Player is already installed. But if you want to play DVD files also with him:

$ sudo yum-y install xine-lib-extras-freeworld
        • SMPlayer

I prefer smplayer (mplayer’s GUI) for video playback. It supports almost any video type, external subtitles and DVD playback while you have the necessary codecs installed as described earlier.

$ sudo yum -y install smplayer

Open smplayer from Applications -> Sound & Video -> SMPlayer

        • VLC

VLC (Video Lan Client) supports almost any video without the need of installing external codecs.

$ sudo yum -y install vlc

Video Editor

        • Kdenlive

Kdenlive is a popular and effective video editor, in Portuguese.

$ sudo yum -y install Kdenlive

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