fedora what’s this….:P

Some trivia about Fedora

What is Fedora?
Fedora is an operating system based on Linux, a collection of software that makes your computer work.You can use Fedora as a whole, or instead of, other operating systems like Microsoft Windows ™ or Mac OS X ™ . The Fedora operating system is completely free of cost to be able to enjoy and share.
The Fedora Project is the name of a worldwide community of people who love, use and free software developers around the world. We want to lead in the creation and dissemination of free code and content, working together as a community. Fedora is sponsored by 
Red Hat , the leading global provider of open source technology more reliable. Red Hat invests in Fedora to foster collaboration and incubate new technologies and innovative free software .
What makes Fedora different?
We believe in the value of free software and we strive to protect and promote solutions that anyone can use and redistribute. The Fedora operating system is not only done in free software, but also use free software exclusively to provide you. Our programmers work with Anyone can get in Fedora and change it, creating a new product with a new name.In the Fedora Project website is provided some tools in Fedora itself.Actually, Fedora is already the basis for derivatives such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux , the One Laptop Per Child XO , and the DVD Live Contentat Creative Commons.
Want to know more?
There is much more than Fedora in a great operating system. Fedora is also a wonderful community of people working together to improve free software. There are even ways to help if you want. If you want to learn more, see some of the following resources full of information about the Fedora Project, Fedora operating system and the people that make Fedora possible.


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